Winning Forex trading learning with live trading examples

Course Prerequisite

  1. Forex Demo Broker Account (See below if you do not already have one)
  2. Passport or Identity Document and Proof of address not older than 90 days (You will need these documents for verification purposes)
  3. Your full attention
  4. Practice, practice practice!!!


Forex Broker Demo Account

In order to be able to practice the exercises in this course, you will need to open a demo account. A demo account is a practice account where you are able to trade live using fake money and not your own money.

Once you are comfortable with a demo account, you can then deposit real money and apply what you learned while using a demo account.


Here are the steps to follow when opening a demo account:


Click on this link (Non-US learners):

Recommended broker.


For the United States learners, please follow this guide for a demo account:

Recommended US broker


Non-US learners, follow the below guide.


Click on the “Open Account” button at the top of the screen.

FXTM broker


Fill in your details

  • First name(s) – As per your Identity document
  • Last Name – As per your Identity Document
  • Country of residence – Should be chosen automatically if you are not using any proxy or VPN
  • Mobile phone – Enter the correct number as this will be verified
  • E-mail - Enter the correct e-mail address as this will also be verified
  • Password – Choose a strong password with Letters, Numbers and Symbols (This will be your broker password on

Click on “Send Pin” – A PIN will be sent to your cellphone and E-mail address. You may use any of the two PINs for verification.

Enter the pin, accept the marketing consent and then click on “Register Now”.

On the next page, enter all the necessary details to the best of your ability, Accept the agreements and click “Submit”

FXTM Broker

On the next page, select as follows:

  • Account type – FXTM Standard
  • Account currency – Any that you prefer
  • Account leverage – 1:2000
  • Trading Account Password – Enter a strong password twice (This is different from your ForexTime portal login account that you set earlier. It will be your password to your MetaTrader account, more on this later)

Click “Open Account”


Next: Click on “Download platform”

FXTM Broker


Select the “Metatrader 4 Trading Terminal for PC” or “Metatrader 4 Trading Terminal for MAC” depending on your Operating system. Download and install the application.

Go to your Desktop, you will see a ForexTime (FXTM) MT4 icon (Windows). Double click the icon and login. To find your login details, go to the e-mail that says “Congratulations! Your new trading account is now open”. Metatrader login (at the bottom of the e-mail) and use the Trading Account Password that you entered above.

Should you need to install one for your phone, hover your mouse over the QR code, scan the QR code with your phone to download the platform.

Go to your e-mail account that you used for registration. Open the e-mail that says “action required with regard to your verification” – see below!

Click “upload”

FXTM broker

Upload your Identity document as per the e-mail and your proof of address.


Open a Demo account

Click on “My Accounts” on the left-hand side, then select “Open New Account”

FXTM broker

Select Demo Account.

Account type – FXTM Standard

Choose currency

Account Leverage 1:2000

Complete the passwords fields

Initial balance – any amount, I suggest 20000 USD

Click “Open Account”

FXTM broker

Your Metatrader Login details will be displayed

Download the Platform just as you did above and login using the details given.

You are now ready to continue with the course content.

Proof of Earnings

Forex trading learning lesson 1:

This video is an introduction to forex trading. It shows you the proof of actual earnings by the Course Coordinator. Follow our Forex trading learning course to understand the basics of Forex trading.


Forex trading learning lesson 2:

This video focuses on you who the course coordinator is and why you should take the forex trading course.

Introduction to forex trading

Forex trading learning lesson 3:

This video is an introduction to forex trading and emphasizes what is important aspects of forex trading according to the author.

Overview of the forex trading course

Forex trading learning lesson 4:

This video is an introduction to forex trading; learn about interest rates, mergers and acquisitions, and other economic indicators.

Interest Rates

Forex trading learning lesson 6.1:

Learn about the effect of Interest rates on the Currency exchange rate.

Economic growth

Forex trading learning lesson 6:

Learn about the effect of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on the Currency exchange rate.


Forex trading learning lesson 7:

Learn about the effect of geo-politics on the currency exchange rate.

Trade Flows Vs Capital Flows

Forex trading learning lesson 8:

Learn about Trade flows and Capital flows and their effect on the currency exchange rate.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Forex trading learning lesson 9:

Learn about mergers and acquisitions and their effect on the currency exchange rate.

How the forex market operates

Forex trading learning lesson 10:

Learn how the forex market operates, its size and more.

Free Technical Analysis Software

Forex trading learning lesson 11:

Learn about free technical analysis software. How to use to your advantage.

Support and Resistance

Forex trading learning lesson 12:

Learn about how to identify the support and resistance levels. What are they?

Retracement Tool

Forex trading learning lesson 13:

Learn about the retracement tool. Fibonacci is one the most important tool in forex trading.

Forex trading strategy overview

Forex trading learning lesson 14:

Learn about the process behind the forex trading strategy.

Forex Strategy Explanation

Forex trading learning lesson 15:

Learn about the detailed forex trading strategy. Get your hands dirty.

Yearly Trading Example 1

Forex trading learning lesson 16:

Learn the yearly trading strategy with an example.

Day Trading Example 1

Forex trading learning lesson 17:

Learn the day trading strategy with an example.

Day Trading Example 2

Forex trading learning lesson 18:

Day trading forex continued.

GBPUSD Live Trading Example 1

Forex trading learning lesson 19:

Live trading example using the GBP/USD pair.

EURUSD Live Trading Example 2

Forex trading learning lesson 20:

Live trading example using the EUR/USD pair.

CHFUSD Live Trading Example 3

Forex trading learning lesson 21:

Live trading example using the CHF/USD pair.

Are you ready to trade on a real account?




Go to and login into your account.

Click “My Accounts” and then “Accounts overview”



Under My Demo Accounts, click on the down arrow and select “Delete Account”. We would like to delete the Demo account so that we do not confuse it with our real accounts.



Under My Trading Accounts, click on the Deposit button (Minimum 100 USD).


Choose your deposit method and follow the instructions.


Remember to deposit using your Credit card or Debit card (e.g. A cheque/current account) select the Credit/Debit Cards option depending on whether your card is VISA or Mastercard.

Once the money deposited reflects on your account, you may trade real money the same way you have been trading with a demo account.


Log into the PaxForex Account that you created above.

Go to "My Account Summary"

Under "Trading Accounts", not Demo, click on the Account (e.g. Standard, Mini) that you opened earlier. 

Winning Forex trading learning with Live Trading Examples 2020 1

Click on Deposit Funds.

Choose your payment method and follow the instructions. 

You are now ready to trade on a live account and make money.